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Here's a hypothetical question for us, meanwhile: What if similar circumstances were to arise here in Canada, with a Canadian pilot? The best way to get at the answer is to start with a non-hypothetical: What are the obligations and responsibilities of Canadian physicians who have pilots as patients? Because confidentiality is a basic principle in the relationship between a doctor and a patient, any obligation for a doctor to report on a patient's condition to a third party must be created by statute.
But what of the plane's other pilot — the captain of flight 9525? While the co-pilot's face can be found plastered on newsstands
The Internet is without a doubt one of the greatest innovations of our time. It, along with social media, has allowed us to connect with loved ones and like-minded people. However, it has also created a climate where humiliation, trolling, and cyberbullying are as easy as standing on a virtual soap-box and snidely tapping a few keystrokes for the world to see. We each need to play our part in acting with empathy and compassion.