Gerry Byrne

Farmers feel powerless against the late-night munchers.
Their win last month ended 12 years of Progressive Conservative government.
Liberal MP Gerry Byrne says there's no conflict in finishing his federal term of office while planning to campaign for the
Around 9 p.m. Israel time on Tuesday, Liberal MP Gerry Byrne and a group of Canadian parliamentarians were forced to take cover in one of many bomb shelters across Israel when a siren warned of missiles fired from Gaza headed for Jerusalem, the nation's capital. While all emerged safely, the experience -- and the knowledge that several missiles landed in the city's vicinity -- will not be soon forgotten. Being Canadian is among the greatest gifts in an often-dangerous world.
OTTAWA — The Prime Minister’s Office is taking heat for thousands in questionable lunch expenses, and the opposition parties
UPDATE: Treasury Board President Tony Clement defended the staff lunches Tuesday, saying no rules had been broken. OTTAWA
OTTAWA — The Conservative government defended the practice of spending taxpayers' money on a weekly free lunch for political
Federal Liberals have posted the latest batch of travel and hospitality expenses following Justin Trudeau's promise last
UPDATE: Shortly after posting the tweets, Gerry Byrne deleted them and apologized for his earlier messages. "Movie stars
A closed-door discussion over whether to end the study into Canada's F-35 purchase has led to a verbal battle between the