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By Louisa Clements, When it comes to gift buying, I find that it can be pretty tough; am I the only one who searches
By: Laura-Beth Cotter Picture this scenario: you are going for a bite to eat with your loved one. After you primp your hair
Home is where the heart is. So why not give that person who spends their days lovingly arranging and rearranging every room
Money doesn't grow on trees. Our bank accounts aren't limitless. And that magical, mythical black American Express card isn't
We spend our days on Twitter, Facebook and on online news sites (ahem, like The Huffington Post -- thanks for being a reader
On paper, dressing a man seems simple -- T-shirt, jeans, shoes, maybe add a sweater and a jacket or a blazer and a tie. But
The following weird gifts are fact, not fiction. A random sampling of friends and family helped us create this top 10 list
These days, it can feel like we eat technology for breakfast, dine with it for lunch and cradle it to sleep at night. But
Granted, it's hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it's 10 C out, but saying "Happy Holidays" seems to be yet another facet of the customer service experience that has gone by the wayside. That, and the very notion of actually serving the customer, it would seem.
They're picky, they're precise, they know what they like and what they don't want. They're women. And whether you're shopping
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