Global Financial Crisis

Woe be the world if a President Trump can't tell the difference between government debt and a casino development.
LONDON - Researchers say they have found new evidence that Greece's financial crisis is taking a toll on the health of its
Post-crisis regulatory reform efforts show that developing countries are rule takers and G7 countries are the rule makers. All this in spite of the fact that the epicentre of the international financial crisis occurred in developed countries. So why should many of the regulators and supervisors in developed countries claim to know best practices for developing countries?
With GDP forecast to grow by a mere 1.6 per cent this year, our governments (both provincial and federal) need consumers to keep on spending to prop up the economy. They need this while they, themselves, are struggling with ballooning deficits and debt loads.
At the IMF-World Bank meetings this past week, there were plenty of assessments of the state of the global economy that described the post-2008 recovery as anemic. Only a few went so far as to claim that the global economy is comatose. Yet, despite general agreement on the diagnosis, there was little consensus on how to solve the problem.
Canada's real economy was smaller in the first half of this year than it was before the start of the North American recession
In light of plummeting stocks and rising joblessness, economist Nouriel Roubini isn't too optimistic on the state of the
OTTAWA - Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says the recent stock market turmoil may cause some turbulence for the Canadian economy
Whoops! There goes any progress stocks made in 2011. Stocks plunged Thursday, with the Dow tumbling 500 points just before