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Goose jackets

The made-in-Canada jackets retail from US$900 to $1,300.
Men who accept the cold, Arctic pastures as home fall into five distinct categories of clothing style. These categories are all relative to a guy's interests, opinions, and how frost bitten their hands get at the end of the day. Let's see what category you (or a guy you know) falls into, shall we?
Now that there’s snow on the ground, it’s officially time to find a winter jacket! While there are tons of trusted brands
If Canadians can’t produce a hearty (and stylish) winter coat that’ll save us from the cold, then we don’t want to be Canadian
Newsflash: winter is coming, meaning men's jackets are going to be flying off store shelves. No need to rush though, because
As winter comes to an end in Toronto, residents of Canada's largest city are celebrating the good weather on patios and porches