government surveillance

Leaving it up to the minister in charge to decide what is acceptable and what is not, or what is lawful and what is not, is far from a democratic and accountable model. We need review mechanisms with the necessary autonomy, independence and structure to create true accountability.
Perhaps the most notable revelation from documents obtained under the Access to Information Act is that Internet providers have tried to convince the government that they will voluntarily build surveillance capabilities into their networks. A 2013 memorandum prepared for the public safety minister reveals that Canadian telecom companies advised the government that the leading telecom equipment manufacturers, including Cisco, Juniper, and Huawei, all offer products with interception capabilities at a small additional cost.
The Supreme Court of Canada last week declared that access to telecom subscribers’ personal information requires a court
The former head of Canada's answer to the NSA doesn't have a very high opinion of his fellow citizens. John Adams, the former
Transparency reports from Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google suggest U.S. companies are being far more careful
On Monday afternoon, the government's reckless online spying Bill C-13 came a small step closer to becoming the law of the land. It didn't get through without a lively debate which saw many MPs speak out strongly about how Bill C-13 would enable a wide range of government authorities to spy on the private lives of Canadians.
John Forster, head of the Communications Security Establishment Canada, appeared before the Senate security and defence committee
We've learned an incredible amount about how governments scheme, conspire, collude, connive and lie, both to each other and to the people who elected them. Which is why my nomination for the next Nobel Peace Prize is WikiLeaks and its three great whistleblowers -- Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.
Since the revelations last week that the U.S. culls the phone records of millions of Americans every day and accesses the