governor general

He said it would send a strong message to young people.
The report includes allegations of “yelling, screaming, aggressive conduct, demeaning comments and public humiliation.”
A reimagined, non-colonial Governor General could play an important role for Canadians.
Julie Payette should not get the expense account given to former governors general, the Tory leader says.
From Celine Dion to Anne McLellan, there are a lot of options.
The prime minister said his government will look to improve vetting for high-level appointments such as the governor general.
The report found Rideau Hall became an "unacceptable workplace" under Julie Payette, Dominic LeBlanc says.
The Privy Council office had hired a third party firm to investigate claims from current and former employees.
CBC reports allege Julie Payette has created an atmosphere of bullying at Rideau Hall.
Julie Payette has faced questions about her role in the office since she was appointed Governor General in 2017.