Green Energy

Hana James, co-founder of Greenhouse Juice, on the feel-good benefits of going green.
Canada has fallen behind in adopting Green Infrastructure, hampered by previous government's anti-climate action agenda.
Here are some facts about China's emissions and actions, with a few comparisons to Canada.
We are on the verge of yet another pivotal moment in our nation's infrastructure history — one that is sure to again shape our future economy.
Landowners and tribal members are joining together to build solar projects directly in the path of the proposed pipeline.
Electricity is not a new electoral issue for Ontario Liberals. Here are some ideas Wynne can implement today that would address the chronic oversupply of expensive and unreliable electricity in the grid, lower prices for consumers, and keep prices competitive.
The company says building a "smart road" is actually pretty easy.
Wind too.
Carbon emissions from power generation are down 40 per cent.
a small Canadian start-up is developing a novel technological breakthrough to help solve this pressing problem. In fact, Vancouver-headquartered Pure Energy Minerals (TSX.V: PE) (US OTCQB: PEMIF) aims to play a key role in making the electrification of our energy supplies affordable.