Green party

She narrowly lost to Marci Ien in a recent Toronto Centre byelection.
The Greens' parliamentary leader called the practice undemocratic and said it leaves her party's voters with less of a voice.
While the Liberals want a majority, other parties are looking to break through.
The new Green Party leader says it felt like the “right place at the right time” to get into politics.
Elizabeth May noted Greens didn’t run a candidate against Jagmeet Singh when he was first trying to win a federal seat.
A tight race with candidate Dimitri Lascaris was decided in the eighth round.
She believes some members have been prevented from voting and that Elizabeth May unfairly endorsed and helped finance one of the other candidates.
Meryam Haddad appealed her removal from the Green Party leadership race.
Several Green leadership candidates want to push the party left of the NDP. If one wins, it will have rippling impacts.
We sent each of the candidates this 23-question questionnaire.