Greg Matters shooting

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - The mother of a former Canadian soldier shot by RCMP in northern British Columbia is suing the RCMP
VANCOUVER - British Columbia's police watchdog has appointed its own watchdog to review the agency's handling of its very
PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - British Columbia's police watchdog has cleared officers of criminal wrongdoing in the shooting death
PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - A coroner's jury looking into the RCMP shooting death of a former soldier wants to see emergency-response
PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - The inquest into the fatal police shooting of a disabled former soldier is entering its final hours
VANCOUVER - Several justice groups have written to the director of the province's independent police watchdog asking for
PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - One of the few facts not in dispute in the death of former Canadian peacekeeper Greg Matters is that
PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - Photos were released Tuesday of RCMP emergency response team members who surrounded a former peacekeeper
PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - A national police database warned officers a former Canadian soldier being arrested for assaulting
PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - A former soldier who was fatally shot by RCMP had been bullied by his comrades in the Canadian military