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Grizzly Bear

A coach captured some stunning photos of the bear.
What a close call.
He wanted cake so badly, he just couldn't bear it.
As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have encountered, aboriginal tours of B.C. include wildlife-viewing opportunities, the chance to witness pristine nature, connections with influential artists, visiting a resort in wine country and taking a paddle in a canoe around protected waters.
In the grizzly hunting debate, the B.C. legislature appears to be the last stronghold protecting the trophy hunting industry in our province. Economic, scientific, and social justifications for the practice don't add up. Ecotourism and bear viewing companies generate more revenue than their trigger-happy counterparts, and they are far more sustainable over the long term.
The collar of a bear known as "Split Lip" was found near the carcass of a smaller bear.
A hunter came between a mother grizzly, her cub and a recent elk kill
It's so cute until you remember he can eat you.
B.C. conservation officers are now looking for the bear.
That's the circle of life for you.