Gun Laws

Ousting Derek Sloan from the Conservative Party has prompted questions from other members.
A bill already before the Senate would expand the scope of background checks on buyers.
Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns look at gun violence from public health perspective.
I grew up in the States. It took moving to Canada for me to realize that having the right or ability to own a gun doesn't mean you need to.
Dozens of teens staged the "lie in" just days after a school shooter killed 17 in Florida.
"Can you imagine any other consumer product that caused one serious injury a day over a period of five years?''
Pretty straightforward.
The survey found some surprising results in Quebec, however.
The solution to ending the senseless violence that continues to rock the U.S. is a simple one; a nation-wide ban on assault rifles. Period. I completely appreciate why some people are protective of the right to own a firearm.... Again, I grew up around firearms and in no way am I anti-gun. But... these are weapons that have no place in an otherwise safe and civil society.