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Gun Registry

TORONTO — Rural NDP MPs revolted this week over leader Thomas Mulcair's comments on the long-gun registry. Speaking to reporters
While I had long believed in gun control, its importance hit home for me after losing my mother at the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007. Like many Canadians, I took some comfort in the strong Canadian laws and the seeming lack of comparable influence of the Canadian gun lobby compared to their NRA cousins in the US. However, the changes to Canadian gun laws over the past year show that this sense of comfort was naive.
Quebec Superior Court Judge Marc André Blanchard has granted a permanent injunction blocking the federal government from
By abandoning long gun registry, the federal government is saving the taxpayer considerable billions. It was a foolish law from the start, in that it made criminals out of farmers and people in rural areas who didn't trust government assurances, or simply couldn't be bothered to register their rifles and shotguns.
RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson has instructed chief firearms officers to ensure that any conditions they impose on gun store
Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is lashing out at provincial officials who he says are collecting unauthorized information
The Canadian Shooting Sports Association is accusing Ontario's firearms officer of illegally asking business owners to record
The Tories are celebrating the end of the long-gun registry on Thursday (though not in Quebec), but one MP's speech on the
The Liberals are accusing the Conservatives of being insensitive for planning a party to celebrate the passage of a bill
The final stage of debate on the bill to end the long-gun registry began Monday in the House of Commons. Bill C-19 is at