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Parents are scrambling after a weekend of deadly shootings.
Justin Trudeau should follow the example of New Zealand's leader by swiftly announcing long overdue bans.
The process gets murky when it comes to online sales, at least when it comes to certain weapons.
As concern over domestic gun violence grows, Canadians may want to examine their holdings.
The country needs to stop pretending that the fetishizing of assault rifles and the fantasizing about armed insurrection are somehow completely normal.
Designed and built in the 1960s by a Canadian ballistics engineering genius named Gerald Bull, the massive artillery piece today sits rusting amid encroaching foliage, on the island's southeast corner, just down a hill from the end of an airport runway.
Numerous concerns have been raised regarding the broad powers that will be granted to preclearance officers under the preclearance bill. Critics of the preclearance bill say that it goes too far and that Canada has given up too much of its sovereignty.
The show premiers Monday, Oct. 10, 9 p.m. ET
September 20. It was an ordinary Tuesday, at least it started out that way. The sun was shining, I worked on a writing assignment