The proposed legislation also calls for a buyback program for banned firearms.
Public Safety Canada has invited over a dozen firms to come up with a "range of options and approaches" for the program to compensate firearm owners.
The Ontario premier thinks federal funds could be put to better use targeting smugglers.
“There is no need in Canada for guns designed to kill the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.
The government should also implement a national handgun ban, advocates say.
″(This) will strengthen Albertans’ rights to protect their security and property," said Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer.
Torontonians are calling for the government to do more to combat gun crime.
Parents are scrambling after a weekend of deadly shootings.
Justin Trudeau should follow the example of New Zealand's leader by swiftly announcing long overdue bans.
The process gets murky when it comes to online sales, at least when it comes to certain weapons.