“I’ve just signed your death warrant,” the judge said.
He coached the Canadian team at the Rio Olympics.
He is accused of abusing at least three teenage gymnasts.
The Olympian is identified as "Jane Doe'' in the lawsuit against the doctor and USA Gymnastics.
She proves you're never too old to compete at the Olympics.
No, they're not watching a horror movie, just their daughter competing in the Olympics.
I don't know if your face fell. I don't know if inside you crumbled into tiny little pieces. I don't know how many times you've heard those words before. I don't know if you even believed them. But I got the feeling that this might not have been the first time. And in the instant it took to process what just had happened, a million memories flashed through my mind.
Canada's women artistic gymnastics team made it to the finals Tuesday but they couldn't make it to the podium. The team of