Your phone can serve as a “gateway" when plugged into a public USB port.
Hackers obtained an unknown amount of information from the company's 15 million customers.
There are ways to protect your privacy so you don't become a victim.
The bank says they'll offer free credit monitoring to customers that were hit.
Is it safe to go online after two major ransomware attacks in as many months? I would bet many would say, 'you've got to
Criminals take the path of least resistance. The weakest link is the employee. Data breaches are mostly the result of employee error or an inside job, according to the ACC Foundation: State of Cybersecurity Report. The best way for organizations to protect themselves is to create and foster a culture of cyber security awareness.
"There's no barrier to do it tomorrow to 100 million computers.''
Macron's campaign says it has been the victim of a 'massive and co-ordinated' hack.
The popular myth for a non-profit organization executive is to ask, "Why anyone would want to hack us?" The nefarious nature makes non-profits easy targets because they often invest less in employee training and IT security.
Log management systems are largely based on one concern; finding the root cause of a problem, like security breaching, diagnosing issues, chasing down server errors and looking up customer activity. There is now a market for the logging management industry, whereas there's nothing new about all softwares and systems producing log files.