The first concert I ever attended was at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in the summer of 1998. Hanson was making their Toronto debut as part of the band's inaugural Albertane tour. I proudly memorized every song on that neon orange Middle of Nowhere CD. Fast forward two decades. Hanson is currently gearing up to embark on their 13th tour.
One Direction is the preeminent boy band of the moment, with last fall's album "FOUR" breaking Billboard records as their
We're not very nice. Not you or I specifically, but anyone who has ever participated in the shaming and/or blaming of certain
Hanson is back on the scene with their sixth studio album, "Anthem." They've been making music for 21 years and they've learned
Talent runs in the family. Or at least that’s what we can take away from the barrage of musical siblings who’ve honed long
If having liked boy bands is wrong, I don't want to be right. Because let's face it: pop music is great. Pop music gets you through angst and through hormones and through all of those terrible factors that define "turbulent teens," but pop music by boy bands does a little bit more.
When my friend got over the Spice Girls, I was crushed. Not only did the Spice Girls represent something I wanted desperately to be a part of (a group of friends, to begin with), but our love of the band was something we shared. True, neither of us was popular, and our obsession with the Fab Five seemed completely insane, but we were in it together. And then all of a sudden it wasn't "cool."