Harjit Sajjan iraq

"Right now, as Canada, we're focused on Iraq."
Canada's military mission in Afghanistan ended three years ago.
Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan met with his Iraqi and Kurdistan counterparts in Baghdad on Monday to discuss Canada's ongoing
The government is facing calls to reconsider.
Liberals are facing increased pressure to explain Canada's role in the ISIS fight.
He pointed to past mistakes, saying that in the Afghan war some well-intentioned development aid actually fuelled corruption
"Every single course in the Canadian Armed Forces, regardless what rank level you go up to, always starts with ethics and values and that is the same level and standard we apply when we do our training."
The defence minister met with Kurdish military commanders and Canadian special forces who repelled last week's major offensive west of Irbil.
Kurdish media are reporting that Harjit Sajjan spent Sunday in the town of Irbil in a visit that was not announced by the Canadian government in advance.
Sajjan says he's open to expanding the scope of training.