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Harper is expected to use a speech this afternoon to a large Muslim gathering in the greater Toronto area to trumpet a new economic report that he says validates his government's policies.
Stephen Harper's campaign bus rolled deep into dairy country Wednesday, but farmers were disappointed he didn't publicly address an issue on the minds of many locals: the future of supply management.
Harper says a re-elected Conservative government would provide funding for a new marine terminal at the Alexandra Pier in the port of Montreal.
DRUMMONDVILLE, Que. — As turmoil gripped stock and commodity markets around the world Monday, Stephen Harper insisted the
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will stay out of the spotlight today.
The Conservatives say the legislation would address murders involving sexual assault, kidnapping, terrorism, the killing of police officers or corrections offers.
After years of budget cuts and neglect, Stephen Harper pledged Monday to bolster the ranks of the country's citizen soldiers.
The political style of Harper and Christy Clark has been polarizing and driven by wedges designed to shore up their base. They haven't governed; their modus operandi is obfuscation and public relations. They lie as a matter of deliberate political strategy, but they come out winners. If Adrian Dix and Michael Ignatieff have taught us anything, it is that opposition leaders must not allow themselves to become human piñatas in the name of the "high road". They have a solemn duty to hold governments accountable for their records. That means fully engaging in the fight, not being passive in the face of it.
OTTAWA - Some Grade 5 students have some advice for Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Stop being mean to Justin Trudeau. Seven
OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says there's nothing wrong with using taxpayers' dollars to finance a bulk-mail campaign