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Petitions delivered to the government in the House of Commons are seldom an effective method of achieving change, unless they are accompanied by other, more effective actions. If online petitioners and other organizations are really concerned about the future of the CBC, their time would be better spent developing more effective campaigns.
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg Harper-bashers direct their most virulent criticisms towards scarier Harper initiatives they presume should exist but don't actually. Ratcheting back same-sex rights. Crushing the CBC. And so on. With anti-Harper straw men and conspiracy theories playing such a large role in Canadian politics these days, the journalist's mandate as neutral arbitrator of fact and fiction has never been more needed.
OTTAWA –The CBC could see even deeper cuts than the 10 per cent reduction the Heritage Minister has discussed, federal Liberals
Heritage Minister James Moore wants to slash CBC’s budget by 10 per cent, The Huffington Post has learned. Although a government
OTTAWA - Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore says the Harper government has no plan to privatize the CBC — despite what