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If frankness is the new ingredient for climate policy action, then governments and opposition leaders should state as much up front. Then, they could frame the economic and environmental choices before us as a country in deciding to meet, or not, stated climate goals.
The NDP is accusing the Conservative government of silencing Canada's weather experts after Environment Canada said the agency's
We have to question whether climate denial is an exception or the norm in the Canadian government, and even if our government's case of climate denial doesn't extend into the Prime Minister's Office, our policies are out of step with believing in, understanding and taking action to solve the climate crisis.
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross wrote a book about the five stages of grief. Denial of inconvenient facts is the first stage. It is followed by anger. Clearly the Conservatives have a deep well from which to draw. Bargaining is the third stage after denial and anger. The problem however is that Mother Nature is indifferent to Prime Ministers. Mother Nature doesn't do Bargaining.
In response to the IPCC's massive and comprehensive report which cites incontrovertible evidence that climate change is real, man-made, and it will have a significant impact on Canada, the Government puts out a press release blaming the Liberal Party for its alleged past environmental failures. Apparently it must be Sir Wilfrid Laurier's fault because, after all, he was the Liberal Prime Minister when the Industrial Age began.
Harper's latest move - promising to match U.S. oil and gas emissions regulations, sight unseen - smacks of desperation and suggests the government is making things up as it goes along. Harper's "made in Canada" plan is being outsourced to the U.S. Who is going to look out for Canadian interests?
If the Keystone Pipeline Project gains approval, it will become exceedingly difficult to control the tar sands monster. The scientific community needs to get involved in this fray now.