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Harper addressed a Calgary crowd in a town-hall-style meeting hat victims, not criminals, deserve to be at the centre of the criminal-justice system.
The campaign pledge made Tuesday would see funding to the RCMP's clandestine laboratory team receive an extra $4.5 million per year on top of the $22 million it currently receives.
Joseph Ryan Lloyd of British Columbia was convicted last year of possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking and was
OTTAWA - High-risk offenders in Ontario and Quebec are among the inmates slated to take part in a federal prison service
OTTAWA - The complexity of including the perspective of victims in Canada's criminal justice system was encapsulated nicely
TORONTO - Canada's prison guards are essentially being left to their own devices when it comes to treating inmates with basic
OTTAWA - Per capita spending on criminal justice — including federal and provincial jails, court costs and policing — has
As the "tough on crime" Administration continues attacks on criminals -- both real and imagined -- it behooves a responsible government to include crime prevention in the equation even as Harper expands Canadian prisons. Sports build the lifelong skills that Canadians of all origins value: character, teamwork, discipline, perseverance.
OTTAWA - Applications for criminal record suspensions, formerly known as pardons, have plummeted since the Conservative government
Since 2006 when Prime Minister Stephen Harper first took office, his governing party has passed numerous bills designed to reinforce his "tough on crime" approach. There is no real evidence of a crime "epidemic" and the current direction the federal government is taking will not reduce crime or protect the public.