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The “moderate rebels” Western and Gulf states said they were funding didn’t exist in any meaningful way for much of the conflict.
While both the issues of "cash for access" and electoral reform will continue to dog the government in 2017, it is the drip-drip of the former that could prove fatal to the credibility of the government. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should embrace the constructive suggestion of the three opposition parties.
The former prime minister was first elected in 1993.
He's got a soft spot for babies and animals.
This was the former prime minister's first public address since election night.
In many countries the admission of immigrants is the object of highly emotional political debates. Several political parties
Now Justin Trudeau is defining Canada, at home and abroad. But of course, Canada has defined Justin Trudeau. Can we imagine anyone who is more quintessentially Canadian, in his open, compassionate, and thoughtful style; and thoroughly bilingual, to boot?
"I panicked and I asked the ambassador to bring me the literature - the bill - and I read it in prison."
"Our new prime minister is 43 years old, sparkling with promise and passion. I know that all Canadians wish him well."
After the polls had long been decided, election night between Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau played out like some kind of modern day lore -- an exceptionally crafted story of hero and villain, rising and falling with each playing their part flawlessly.