head injuries

It's a “disturbing trend."
Hate to be one of those folk that B.C. Housing Minister Rich Coleman believes has nothing better to do than get up and whine every day, but the B.C. government's affordable housing plan announced last week falls short. Sorry, someone had to say it.
A concussion is an invisible injury that can not be seen by MRI, CAT scan or X-rays. A concussion can affect the way a person thinks, feels and remembers things. My son had a "mild" concussion. He didn't display many of the symptoms other than a slight sensitivity to sound for a day. Overall, the discussion of concussions is a good thing for everybody.
CALGARY - Two promising women on Canada's skeleton team stopped competing because of head injuries. Mellisa Hollingsworth
Coaches and parents can use their smartphones or tablets to determine if their young athlete has a concussion, thanks to
After weeks of deliberation following a concussion, athlete Alexandre Despatie has been deemed fit to dive for the Canadian
There's no such thing as 'shaking it off' when it comes to concussion prevention, the province of Ontario has determined
When Pittsburgh Penguin captain Sidney Crosby returned to the ice this week and scored a goal within minutes, hockey lovers