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No matter how you cut it, the market for Licensed Producers in Canada will continue to grow even as some patients choose to be green thumbs. The real economic threat posed by the Court ruling is to those who have been operating outside of the intent and the spirit of the law(s) and who are likely now to be fully exposed.
Health Canada was flooded with hundreds of letters from police and other officials questioning the department’s oversight
This vault at Richmond, B.C.'s MediJean will hold marijuana before being shipped out. Vaults are one of the many requirements
Canada’s first medical marijuana clinical trial has been registered with Health Canada, a milestone that could be the first
The head of the Canadian Medical Association has a few choice words for the medical marijuana industry. “Quackery.” “Snake
Health Canada has issued a recall of medical marijuana for the second time in just over a month, this time because it contained
It's not just the four joints he’s smoked by mid-afternoon. Neev Tapiero is genuinely unconcerned that a slew of new commercial
If you’re wondering why many Canadian doctors are so reluctant to prescribe marijuana to patients, Health Canada’s information
Medical marijuana producer Tweed Inc. is abandoning a shipment of pot that was seized by the Mounties last week but maintains
Friday was an unusually active day for fans of marijuana — at least on the stock market. Tweed Marijuana Inc. became Canada’s