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Business as usual in health care is not a viable option. We must choose which road of reform we want to go down. There have been some positive efforts to improve the quality and timeliness of targeted public health-care services, but these actions are just too small to be real game-changers.
Why is there such a strong anti-medical model attitude towards serious mental illness when the evidence keeps growing that
Cancer survivors such as myself can get tired of the many doctor appointments you have to book and take time off to go to. There are times when you just want a break. You can do it. It really is like taking baby steps, and making priorities.
Caring for a family member with a serious mental illness (mainly schizophrenia and bipolar disorder) is often extremely stressful
The truth is I don't like my body. As a self-proclaimed feminist I struggle with this. Miss trey anthony, writer of 'da Kink... the play that preaches self- acceptance and has womyn singing "I'm just loving me!" doesn't like her body?
By eliminating the waste inherent in private insurance and by improving therapeutic choices, implementing universal Pharmacare could save Canadians billions of dollars a year.
My family no longer drinks cow's milk. We no longer eat animals. People who know this about us gasp: How do I try to get my kids to eat healthy? Communication.
Many worry that the Harper government will take this moment to fundamentally change the nature of health care delivery in Canada, giving more authority to the provinces but finding ways to download the fiscal responsibility at the same time.
What if most of the bleeding and checking blood sugar levels is a waste of time, does almost nothing to control your diabetes, makes you anxious or depressed and threatens the sustainability of the public health-care system?
Lack of services for the mentally ill is becoming an issue for the upcoming election in Ontario. Many are not impressed with
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