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Heritage Minutes

2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpgThis noxious obsession with one-upping America at every turn, even (especially?) when it requires rewriting history to reimagine America's good ideas as bad ones, and Canada's bad ones as heroic, is the complete antithesis of modesty, or even decency. It's obnoxious, ugly, and dishonest, and certainly not the stuff from which great patriotism is made.
Most Canadians know about The War of 1812, but have you heard about the Battle of Queenston Heights? In the new Heritage
Toronto teens Eamonn O'Keeffe and Patrick Y. Lee have won a contest to create a Heritage Minute, those videos that illustrate
If you were around in Canada during the 1990s you probably saw more than your fair share of Heritage Minutes, those short
Canada's most-visited museum, the Museum of Civilization, is a staple in the National Capital Region. It has garnered sustained interest from locals and foreigners alike with its exhibits showcasing the splendour of cultures and civilizations worldwide. In an abstruse move, the Harper government is announcing today that the beloved museum's mandate is being rebranded to focus solely on domestic history, while the overarching themes of military and monarchy -- sweetheart conservative subjects -- have been touted as guiding principles.
Remember Heritage Minutes, those bite-sized ads that told a story from Canada's storied past? Well, after a seven-year hiatus
Remember the Heritage Minutes, those endearing shorts that highlighted dramatic (and sometimes, not so dramatic) moments