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As the opioid epidemic rages on, some have found friendship, protection and a sense of purpose in an unlikely place.
The federal government's response is so far from appropriate, so far from adequate and so far from stemming the tide of death that many have lost hope.
London health officials were concerned about a spike in overdoses.
"Thank God he wasn't giving it to another student."
Fernando Estrella of the Bronx faces several drug-related charges.
Over the five years I spent seeking treatment, my family and I encountered a seemingly endless series of obstacles -- from programs that couldn't accommodate me, to waiting lists that lasted much longer than my desire to get clean -- all of which combined to feel like the treatment system was designed for me to fail.
Virginia's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has determined that GWAR singer Dave Brockie died from an accidental heroin
The mother of a heroin-addicted teen in Burnaby is calling for changes to drug treatment programs for young people. The teen
Health Minister Rona Ambrose says her department's decision to provide heroin to certain addicts under a federal program
There has never been an independent analysis of InSite, yet, if you base your knowledge on Vancouver media reports, the case is closed. InSite is a success and should be copied nationwide for the benefit of humanity. Tangential links to declining overdose rates are swallowed whole. Thomas Kerr's claims of reduced "public disorder" in the neighbourhood go unchallenged, despite other mitigating factors such as police activity and community initiative. Journalists note Onsite, the so-called "treatment program" above the injection site, ignoring Onsite's reputation among neighbourhood residents as a spit-shined flophouse of momentary sobriety.