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high school

From the farm and forest to real-world experience, these aren't your average classrooms.
Each year, the senior class at a Michigan high school dress as pop culture icons.
"It gives me something to smile about," she said of the bluish-black wig.
When faced with mediocre grades and the stress of the expectations associated with higher education, these kids are primed for a breakdown
It is clear that strenuous efforts need to be made to prevent mental illness as well as to cure it. And here, the universities need to look hard at themselves, and at their part in creating the problems they now seek to solve, for they exercise profound influence over the high school years of the students they admit.
I've never been asked to address a high school graduating class, much to my children's relief, but with my third child finishing grade 12 in a month, I thought about what I might say to these graduates, especially those heading off to college or university.
Having been through this process once, I can safely say it does NOT get any easier. Each child is different. End of story. Here's what I've observed and learned over the course of having one child and now the second apply for postsecondary education.
Keep your friends close.
It's really hard for students to know all the opportunities out there for them. But as Canada's hub for prospective university students, we wanted to compile a list of the top upcoming events you simply can't miss out on. Check them out, and don't miss out!
The feeling of not being enough is a lie that many of us end up believing at some point. It can send us on a dangerous chase to find external things to make us feel satisfied, but there is no such thing. If we can't find happiness within, we will never be able to find it externally.