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A hijab makes for an excellent hairpiece.
“If a non-hijabi can do it, why can’t I do it?”
The girl said she did not feel safe at school following the incident.
"If the doll's wearing it ... I guess I could wear it too."
The retailer will be selling stylish hijabs and abayas.
The headscarf worn by Muslim women is often a subject of immense debate in the media. It is donned for various reasons from the personal to the political. It is imposed on many but freely adopted by others. A piece of clothing that should ideally be an issue of freedom of choice and expression has been heavily politicized.
"The fact that muslim women are having to consider not wearing hijabs for their own safety is fucking terrifying."
And they're for both men and women.
One design was chosen from three that were tested.
This marks the Italian fashion house's first collection catered to Muslim women.