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"We were watching an epidemic unfold."
"HIV is the infection, stigma is the disease."
It perpetuates fear through a set of decisions that force those living with HIV to disclose their status, even if the risk of transmission is non-existent.
We need more courageous action at all levels of government to address the structural drivers of HIV/AIDS.
A survey found half of Canadians would not eat a meal prepared by someone who is HIV-positive.
It's so important for Canada to look at how it invests its foreign aid through a feminist viewpoint.
Cancer therapies could provide clue to a cure.
"We succeeded in getting these kids free HIV drugs and support. But if they can't keep the meds safe then the whole thing falls apart."
Even with access to care, I saw the Afro-Canadian positive community around me failing to receive the care they need. Refugees face many challenges -- being a newcomer, being alone, dealing with trauma. In addition, the shame of having HIV was profound; merely walking into an HIV clinic caused widespread gossip and shaming within the community.