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hobbit house

You don't have to be Gandalf to rap at the door here.
In a city where it seems heritage lovers are constantly fighting for the preservation of its older buildings, a new Vancouver
Two proposed Vancouver bylaws could help save some of the city's most cherished heritage homes. One proposal would require
One of Vancouver's beloved heritage homes, fondly referred to as a "Hobbit House," is officially being saved from demolition
We would all love to run away to a sanctuary in the woods to write, and we're insanely jealous of a Nelson, B.C. woman who
One of Vancouver's "Hobbit Houses" will be restored as part of a townhouse development if the owner has his way. W.T. Leung
Hobbit advocates in Vancouver may not need to call on Gandalf to save one of the halflings' two remaining homes in Vancouver
One of Vancouver's ‘Hobbit houses’ is for sale and its $2.86-million price tag is no make-believe. The two-bedroom, 2,416