Giving them their space yet giving us the dirt while they’re at it.
He's a Virgo, if you were wondering.
These were as cute as they were eye-opening.
The hookups, engagements, splits, and weird couplings we couldn't get enough of.
The weather is terrible. The outside world is full of drunk people. There's no reason to feel guilty for staying in.
Here's hoping it goes over better than it did the first time.
Turkey paella? Panettone bread pudding? Um, yum!
If no one gave you the perfect gift, it's a good time to buy it yourself — at a discount.
But other family members, like Prince Philip and Prince Harry, were not in attendance.
The 92-year-old highlighted how often “small steps, not the giant leaps” bring about lasting change in the world.
What a year for parents, kids, and news you can (actually) use!
They say a Christmas card is worth 1,000 words.
Christmas trees are evergreen, but holidays don't have to be.