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You may have to prove you're healthy, and that you haven't traveled abroad recently, before viewing a home.
Milennial homebuyers have a leg up depending on the "living inheritance" they get.
CMHC says 18 per cent of first-time buyers received a gift from a family member as part of their down payment.
Finding a great mortgage rate can help make the dream of real estate ownership a reality, but it's not the only important
Applying for a mortgage will be one of the most important financial decisions you'll have to make in your life, so you need to make sure you're well-versed and ready for the responsibilities associated with getting a loan.
The dream of owning a home typically isn’t possible without having a mortgage. But staying informed, understanding all your
Prospective homebuyers face a growing list of challenges -- from skyrocketing prices in Vancouver and Toronto, to soft conditions in Alberta, to another round of mortgage rule changes. But there are some good reasons 2017 is still a good year to buy a home in Canada.
Yes, thanks to insane prices and eroding affordability in Toronto, Hamilton - just 60 kilometres away - has been quietly building a reputation of its own as an up-and-coming real estate market.
Buying a new home -- especially for the first time -- is stressful, but ask yourself if your fears are founded on facts, or just a common case of cold feet? Nothing will ruin your home-buying happiness like having it engulfed in a wave of irrational fear.
When you buy a home, you don't buy a national market, or even a provincial, regional or municipal one. You buy one property in a local market. What's happening in your area could be completely different from that in another province, or certainly at the other end of the country.