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New statistics released by the Toronto Real Estate Board once again confirm everyone didn't just wake up to a shortage of land overnight.
TD Bank sees a possible "soft landing."
House prices in Toronto are about to peak and begin declining, TD Bank forecasts in a new analysis that declares the city’s long-running building boom “has come to an end.”
The experts keep saying a real estate juggernaut like Toronto’s can’t go on forever, but if numbers from Toronto’s real estate
Good news for homebuyers: There are finally some signs that the astronomical climb in Canada’s average home price is starting
Bidding wars have become commonplace in the Toronto housing market, with many realtors saying they hit a fever pitch this
Economists are coming out with warnings that Canada’s real estate juggernaut is about to come to an end (Scotiabank’s Adrienne
Average-income families can no longer afford a detached house in more than a quarter of Canada’s largest cities, according
It’s either a sign that the housing market is healthy and resilient, or a sign of irrational exuberance along the way to
Canada’s housing market has been stronger recently than anyone expected, but that’s not good news to the Bank of Canada. In