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The prime minister’s tweet was met with wild conspiracy theories.
Communicate now to save yourself frustration later.
Having a part-time job as an adolescent provides our children with opportunities to learn new skills, build social capital, and have purpose.
I did not choose to become a teacher for a reason. That reason is that I am crap at explaining math.
There are many ways in which we can transform a seemingly onerous task into a time of connection, problem solving, even joy.
Parenting expert Alyson Schafer offers her best tips.
Exam time is a major moment of anxiety for young learners -- and the adults who love them. While the holiday season is on the minds of many, for others, it means that exam period is just around the corner. A common school-related question from parents is how to best prepare students for these super-stressful tests.
Getting children to do their homework can be a struggle. After all, who wants to do extra learning at home? But if you teach
Let's be clear: No one likes homework. Children groan at the thought of more school work biting into their increasingly diminishing free time. The stress of this added load often degenerates into yelling and tears -- often my own. So when a progressive public school in Quebec announced it was banning homework for elementary school children, I cheered.
Despite the fact that as a lesson, it's a golden oldie and basic common sense, the ultimate benefit of fastidiously doing one's homework is oft-forgotten in these days of hyper-speed everything. So here's a personal anecdote to illustrate what I mean.