hong kong protests

Anti-government demonstrations are showing no end in sight.
A man was set on fire in a separate incident in the Chinese territory.
Chinese flags were defaced as demonstrators called for democracy.
The city has faced more than three months of unrest as pro-China and pro-democracy protestors face off.
The baker wants the Autumn Festival snack to "make Hong Kong happy again."
The two sides faced off on the streets, exchanging chants.
Pro-democracy protests are expected to continue with no clear end in sight
Demonstrations are calling for reforms and an investigation into police conduct.
It seems incredibly naïve to think that a profit-dependent, commercial venture is the final bastion of democratic values. Yet, in an age when companies are capitalizing on social responsibility, are brands unwittingly turning themselves into moral pedestals?
China warns Ottawa against even allowing this man to speak to a House of Commons committee