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honour killing trial

What must we do -- we Muslims -- to ensure none of our daughters and sisters are murdered by their fathers, husbands, and brothers? Among many things we must embrace foremost the 1400-year-old Islamic tradition that emphasizes not the responsibility to guard our modesty, but the duty to show compassion.
A jury in Kingston, Ont., has retired for the night after its first day of deliberations in the case of three Montrealers
Thus pronounced the jury in the 1968 film "The Producers" -- as the jury in the Shafia "honour killing" trial pretty much did this afternoon. It's justice but it doesn't feel like justice -- if only because those lives can never be brought back, the smiles of those murdered beautiful young women now forever frozen in photographs.
Three Montrealers accused of drowning four Shafia family members in Kingston, Ont., viewed the deceased as the "diseased
Another group should stand accused alongside the Shafia family, during the ongoing trial of their daughter's murders: the social service and youth protection professionals who catastrophically let the Shafia girls down.
The Montreal mother accused of the first-degree murder of her three daughters and her husband's first wife testified Tuesday
A Montreal man accused of killing his first wife and three teenage daughters denied prosecutors' allegations and insisted
Self-anointed leaders of Muslim organizations had a great opportunity to come clean about the links between honour crimes and Sharia law, but instead, they tried to deflect attention and spin-doctor the truth.
The sister of Rona Amir Mohammad, one of four women found inside a submerged car in a Kingston, Ont., canal, testified Tuesday
The father accused in the Kingston, Ont., canal deaths told police in an interrogation video shown during his trial Thursday