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honour killing

The ads were taken down by the city in 2013.
We can vote, and drive, and march on Parliament Hill without fear. But do we question the deep rooted inequalities that make it possible for Aboriginal women and girls to disappear without a trace, and without an outcry? Do we demand an end to the gender wage gap that has been stuck at around 72 per cent -- and hasn't budged in years?
There are thoughtful and effective ways to look at all the facets of violence against women and it can certainly be done without promoting bigotry. For example, in March, the Ottawa Police, the Ottawa Rape Crisis, and Algonquin College partnered to put on a full day event on violence in the name of honour.
VANCOUVER - Second-hand testimony that suggest the uncle of a so-called honour killing victim from B.C., was the all-powerful
VANCOUVER - Two months before she was kidnapped and murdered in a so-called honour killing in India, a young British Columbia
VANCOUVER - A British Columbia woman who Indian authorities believe was the victim of an honour killing planned in Canada
An Afghan woman has been shot dead by her father in front of a mob of hundreds, Amnesty International is reporting. Her crime
2012-12-05-Pullversion.jpg On the morning of June 30, 2009, police in a small eastern Ontario city made a ghastly discovery: four females dead in a car submerged in a shallow canal -- Canada's first mass honour killing. In Without Honour, award-winning journalist Rob Tripp draws on three years of exhaustive research and exclusive interviews to make sense of a senseless crime in a way no other writer could. "The feeling had gnawed at Jake since the catastrophic outcome of his peck on Sahar's cheek in the corridor of St-Ex in the fall of 2007. He had not forgotten the sight of the sad girl standing in the hall, tears trickling down her cheeks, as she explained that her dad got really mad and slapped her."
MONTREAL - Prime Minister Stephen Harper recalled the Shafia killings while visiting the family's hometown of Montreal to
TORONTO - The mother of the Shafia family has joined her husband and son in filing her intention to appeal her convictions