House of Commons

Internal emails give a rare glimpse of how one “friendly” question was changed.
The Greens' parliamentary leader called the practice undemocratic and said it leaves her party's voters with less of a voice.
Trudeau’s Liberals faced heat over Biden’s Keystone cancellation and Canada’s vaccine rollout.
The NDP leader says more help needed for Canadians facing “scary” modelling data.
It now goes to the Senate, where it has just one week before the Dec. 18 deadline.
“It’s been an interesting trip, I gotta tell you. It’s been an interesting challenge.”
There are more women in politics in Canada than ever before.
Ahead of a rare Halloween full moon, she told all the witches out there to “keep rockin’ it.”
Scheer marked his last day as the leader of the Conservatives in the House of Commons.
Finding efficiency in a pandemic has been no easy task.