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House of Commons

Canadians from coast to coast could admire Jack Layton's attempts to turn down the volume in the House of Commons and we were encouraged by his efforts to get the various parties working together. We admired his discipline and courage during the campaign as he waved his walking stick in the face of his pain
The company: Andrew Cash is my MP. He is the Member of Parliament for Davenport in Toronto. A few years ago, I was able to
The choice presented between no Senate and a partially reformed Senate, is really not a choice at all. Both options lead to an increasingly dysfunctional and discredited Parliament.
Our politicians tend to be older, whiter, more male, better educated and more 'white collar' than the average Canadian. So for those who would prefer a Parliament that better looks and feels more like Canada, the election of a few 20-something MPs is a good thing.
The Harper government's plan to enlarge the House of Commons has touched a raw nerve with Jean Charest's Quebec government
CBC Andrew Scheer has been elected Speaker of the House of Commons, the youngest MP to win the job in Canadian history. Scheer
While Layton acts sanctimonious about how his party will behave today, I recall one NDP MP who wanted to ask a question on the B.C. fishery, banging the top of his desk with a full-sized frozen salmon.