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"Demand has been increasing for months and supply is not keeping pace."
Half the money circulating through Vancouver's housing market has vanished.
More than 10,500 new condo units are slated to hit the Greater Vancouver housing market this year, according to MLA Canada's 2017 Market Intel report -- opening up plenty of more-affordable housing options for prospective homebuyers who have been priced out of the single-detached segment.
If the loonie hadn't fallen, Vancouver real estate would be twice as expensive as New York's today.
Vancouver's boom is over, but a supply shortage could keep prices up.
B.C.'s home loan program pushes in the opposite direction of federal Liberals.
Meanwhile, Toronto's hot real estate market is spreading out.
When Moody's talks real estate, take it with a grain of salt.
Global comparison puts Canadian home affordability in perspective.
OTTAWA — Statistics Canada says its new housing price index gained 0.7 per cent in May, its largest monthly increase since