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Hugh Segal

How a basic income is funded could make a big difference in how well it works.
COVID-19 is changing the conversation around basic income.
Savings to health care costs alone could offset nearly half the bill.
Hugh Segal said Michael Marrus made "hurtful and completely inappropriate" remarks.
P.E.I. becomes the second province to experiment with a guaranteed minimum income.
The former Mulroney cabinet minister has been advocating the basic income for years.
Country hopes to reduce unemployment by making low-paid jobs more attractive.
Depending on whom you ask, a company like Walmart will either feel pressure to raise wages under a minimum income -- or it
If someone handed you a bundle of free cash, would you stop working? Perhaps that's what has happened to our economy. As
To those who may have given up on the wisdom of newspapers to be agents of change for good in Canada and the world, please