human rights watch

"Canada should lead by example" and repatriate citizens trapped in camps, human rights advocates say.
The Human Rights Watch report documents allegations of police abuse.
More than 150 companies worldwide have invested $28 billion in cluster munitions.
A human rights watchdog released a report calling on Canada to give First Nations equal rights to clean drinking water.
I became the lead defence counsel for several men of Libyan origin who were disappeared by the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) State Security Service (SSS) in 2014. I knew at the time that our position was a just one, but I didn't realize how much the fate of my clients would impact the conduct and reputation of nations.
Dr. Asim Hussain was forced to stand up all night in a dark room while blindfolded with his hands tied, supporters say in a brief on his case. He went into kidney failure and had a heart attack.
I ask our new government to petition the Egyptians so my four grandchildren can return to Canada with their father. It's time for Canada to reclaim its position as an international champion of human rights. What better place to start than to stand up for one of its own? Help end this ordeal.
At least 63 people were executed for drug offences.
Shoal Lake 40 has no all-weather road and has been without clean water for 17 years.
Federal law enforcement authorities are "targeting in sting operations people who are particularly vulnerable," the groups says