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human rights

A member of Pakistan's Christian minority, a 13-year-old girl was responding last September to a test question about a poem praising the Prophet Mohammed. But when she tried to write the Urdu word for "praise," an unfortunate typographical error instead produced the word for "curse." Faryal Bhatti was hauled before the class, beaten by her teacher, then expelled from school.
OTTAWA — The mandatory one-year detention of illegal immigrants proposed under the Tories' new anti-smuggling bill violates
Housing is increasingly unaffordable for many. Federal support for housing has plummeted and could decrease further in an era of so-called fiscal restraint. The numbers point to more and more households unable to meet, or at risk of not meeting, basic needs including housing. Something's gotta give.
With a country you can't really see on a map (that doesn't really offer an incentive to find it), you have a situation where a man who claims to have found a cure for AIDS, for which he provides treatment only on Thursdays, is able to not only run, but win presidential elections.
Delaying the Keystone pipeline is not just about the blockage of one project. It is about instilling in people a comprehension of the strength of their agitation and organizing. It's about lifting the cloak off the oil baron's invincibility and omnipotence.
If Williams truly wants to support human rights for women, for children, for everyone, wherever they live, ostracizing Canada while making the world safe for abusive regimes is just about the worst possible way to go about it.
The fact that investors from unethical countries have stampeded to Canada's oil patch anyway is proof that the ethical way we do business is the right way. They recognize that Canada's oil can be produced profitably when businesses -- and governments -- adhere to the strictest ethical codes. has a reputation for using just about anything to promote Canada's tar sands. This Monday it was my turn to get 'tarred' as the website's spokesperson Kathryn Marshall declared herself to be on "the very same page" as me. The assertion could not be further from the truth.
Imagine strapping a propane tank and a 40 pound duffle bag to your head by way of a burlap strap and hauling the weight up a hill at 8,000 feet above sea level. Could you do it? Now imagine you have an infant strapped to the front of your chest.
The death penalty Iranian Christian cleric Youcef Nadarkhani could face is the latest in a soul-numbing human rights record that should make every European company doing business with the Iranian regime hope that there will not be an earthly or heavenly day of reckoning.