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The storm knocked out power for thousands across the province.
Localized flooding and storm surges could batter the Halifax area.
The storm is responsible for at least five deaths after hitting the Bahamas.
"It was intended as sarcasm-not a serious wish of harm," she said.
"This was mission impossible, because it was such a logistical nightmare."
Hurricane Matthew has put the lives of millions of children in Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic in danger. In Haiti, it is estimated that half a million children live in the most affected areas, particularly in Grand-Anse and the South. But words alone cannot demonstrate the destruction.
Some B.C. residents are stranded on the Mexican coast, where the storm is expected to hit.
There's a storm coming, Atlantic Canada. The East Coast better batten down the hatches as Gonzalo, the strongest hurricane
The company: Claire Martin is the senior meteorologist for the CBC. Her background is incredible. She is trained as a meteorologist