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hydro quebec

Canadians have come to expect that politicians will take a few liberties with facts as they spin issues to suit their purpose. A master practitioner of the art form is the B.C. government, with spin that can be light in the accuracy department.
Last July, whistleblower Alana James made a startling claim in an interview with the Vancouver Sun about allegations of corruption leveled at the B.C. Ministry of Health: "This was not about one ministry and less than a dozen individuals."
Make no mistake, there's a price to pay when B.C. Hydro becomes a political arm of government. The intertwining of self-interests gets complicated, while the interests of ratepayers can take a backseat to political interests.
Ontario's Hydro One tweeted that crews continue to restore power to over 31,000 customers.
This weekend's freezing rain, high winds and a rapid drop in temperature continues to make getting around difficult for people
Ol√©oducs, gazoducs, pyl√īnes, routes. Les projets qui n√©cessitent des expropriations sont nombreux. Deux propri√©taires de
Hydro-Québec crews are restoring power to tens of thousands of customers after strong winds buffeted southern Quebec Tuesday
More than 24,000 Quebec households and businesses are into their fourth day without power, almost all in the Eastern Townships
Quebec gets to have a high quality of life without having to dirty its hands with things like energy and natural resource production, because Canada will make up the foregone revenues through equalization payments. But alas; with the free ride comes dependency, and eventually decay.
Some people are calling the deal that transferred exploration licenses from Hydro Quebec to two Quebec junior oil and gas companies 'the theft of the century'. The terms of the deal are private. One President said he negotiated hard to get a good deal and he was satisfied with the result. This outraged opponents. When I said on twitter it was his job to negotiate a good deal, opponents said it only showed that Questerre was arrogant also.