ice age

The 13,000-year-old footprints date back to the last Ice Age.
The infant, named "sunrise girl-child," belonged to a previously unknown Native American population.
The 15,000-year-old caves were discovered by amateur explorers.
Canada's climate is about to change dramatically. You see, spring arrives next month. Sorry if that sounds anticlimactic, but in this country, changing seasons always mean changes in climate. Understanding why that happens can help us understand and dismiss one of the most commonly held fallacies about today's changing climate.
While history might have been inclined to blame the mass extinction of some of the Earth's mightiest mammals on climate change
For all those who in Alberta that keep saying that the people of British Columbia have to be "educated" about pipelines, and just so Stephen Harper is up to date on his science: Building a pipeline over smashed, broken, uplifted, twisted Jurassic-era islands, downsized by erosion, lost islands turned into mountains, buried and shaped by kilometres of glacial ice, is a completely different story altogether.