Idle No More

Indigenous resistance against Kinder Morgan is bigger than one pipeline battle. It's a hallmark of our changing times.
Simeon Tshakapesh's teenage son took his own life in May.
Idle No More founders from Quebec and Keys accepted the award in Montreal.
TORONTO — A group of activists for aboriginal rights are staging a sit-in at the Toronto offices of Indigenous and Northern
"The idea is to raise awareness of the situation.''
I remember coming home for the holidays a few years ago, around the time of Idle No More, and learning about Shoal Lake through the council. The water we drink in Winnipeg comes from Shoal Lake First Nation, yet the community members themselves cannot drink their own water! I was devastated and angry at such a clear injustice.
"One House, Many Nations."
These works illustrate Indigenous struggles in poignant strokes.
While some political parties are more responsible for instances of blatant racism than others, no political party has committed to action on combating racism in Canada. Aboriginal and racialized realities of being heavily surveilled, unfairly carded in the streets, and higher rates of violence remain fringe issues.