illegal immigration

A lot of Canadians also aren't happy about the Trudeau government's approach.
"People come in from poor countries to work here," said Senator Lindsey Graham.
"The support and communication has been almost overwhelming in a way.''
"It is incumbent upon all of us to emphasize that this is an illegal activity."
One man made a break for Canada right in front of U.S. border patrol.
It appears President Trump's promised crackdown is underway.
The real solution to the flood of illegal immigrants from Central America is not higher walls or more guns to combat gangs, but to follow the path of Chile. Increased economic freedom, open to all not just the elites, would give youth an alternative to gangs and create the prosperity, opportunity, and calm that will keep people at home.
Toronto City Council has decided to do something about this for those without health insurance that live in our city. Council voted in favour of abolishing the three-month waiting period for new immigrants and also rescinding the recent cuts to the refugee health care program. I have never been more proud to call this city my home.
Construction workers who were filmed by a reality TV crew while they were arrested by border agents made their first appearance
Last night Obama needed to win. There really was no other option. Obama was so on (and then some) that you could feel Bill Maher's elation when he tweeted about the return of the "Black Ninja." Then it got seriously real when the issue of energy and drilling companies motivated both to pretty much get into each other's grills creating one of many unexpected and unforgettable moments. Moments such as a woman named Lorraine. Or was it Lorianne? In fact, there was a binder full of women. Romney attempting to spike the ball by asking Obama repeatedly if he has in fact checked his (much smaller) pension. And Michelle and Ann's fashion blunder.